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Explore the great outdoors with Ringtail Events. Take on exciting courses and enjoy jaw-dropping views while surrounded by a supportive community. Join us for post-race festivities with family and friends. Sign up now and discover new possibilities with Ringtail Events.

Upcoming Events

The Zane Grey 50 in AZ is a breathtaking ultramarathon that’s been running since 1990. Held in the charming town of Christopher Creek, runners can experience the refreshing ambiance of the quaint town. The marathon spans over Marathon and 50-mile distances, drawing participants from all walks of life to be captivated by the Mogollon Rim’s beauty. This world-renowned ultramarathon has been fulfilling runners’ ambitions for over three decades and attracts devotees year after year. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable opportunity to participate in this remarkable race!

Camp Wood Roundup

Exciting news! Williamson Valley, Arizona will host a gravel bike race in Spring 2024. Choose from 46 or 88-mile routes and showcase your cycling skills. The organizing team is working hard for an unforgettable experience. Save the date and discover Williamson Valley’s beauty. See you there!

Join us for the Christiansen Trail Run – a challenging half marathon that showcases Arizona’s stunning natural beauty. Connect with fellow trail runners and push yourself to new limits. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience. Lace up and join us on the trails!

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